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Assignment 3

Add interactivity to website

Note: PLEASE CREATE A FOLDER CALLED “assignment3” in your assignment repo that you created

You will need to do the following:


Create a Contact Us page

The page and form

The interactivity

PLEASE NOTE: how to save objects and arrays in localStorage

For example

let object1 = { "key1": "value1", "key2": "value2"}

let object2 = { "key1": "value3", "key2": "value4"}

let object3 = { "key1": "value5", "key2": "value6"}

let objectArray = [object1, object2, object3]
localStorage.savedObjects = JSON.stringify(objectArray) //serialization

let retrievedObjects = JSON.parse(localStorage.savedObjects) //deserialization

console.log(`${retrievedObjects[0].key1} ${retrievedObjects[1].key1} ${retrievedObjects[2].key1}`)

Comments functionality

Comments display