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Assignment 2

Write JavaScript Functionality

Our assignments are going to be built around building a blog from the ground up and eventually hosting your blog in the cloud. For this second assignment, you will write independent JavaScript functions that will be used to power your website.

You will create a JavaScript file called script.js that will contain the following functions. Please implement them.

Note: PLEASE CREATE A FOLDER CALLED “assignment2” in your assignment repo that you created and put your script.js file in this folder. If you create an html file to test your code you can leave it in this folder as well.

You will need to do the following:

Create a function with the following characteristics:


 let submission = getSubmission("", 
    "Welcome to INFO 253!", 
    "Introductory message for those in INFO 253");

    submission = { 
    to: "", 
    from: "", 
    subject: "Welcome to INFO 253!", 
    message: "Introductory message for those in INFO 253"}

Create a class with the following characteristics:

Create another function with the following characteristics: