INFO 253 - Front End Web Architecture

Course webpage for INFO 253 at the School of Information

Project maintained by UCB-INFO-FRONTEND-WEBARCH Hosted on GitHub Pages — Theme by mattgraham

Instructions on how to get your class repo setup

  1. Get invited to the UCB-INFO-FRONTEND-WEBARCH organization: send us a note
  2. Have your repo generated: please check CampusWire on the pinned setup note to find the GitHub Classroom link to generate your own repo
  3. Go to your repo on github
  4. Click on the “HTTPS” button under “Quick Setup”
  5. Create a new folder on your computer for your repo
  6. Open the terminal and cd into your new computer
  7. Follow the steps “…or create a new repository on the command line” on the terminal
  8. Now your git repo is set up

To make any changes and save it to your repo and push it remotely:

  1. git add files
  2. git commit -m “your message”
  3. git push

Note Please be sure to create an “assignment1” folder for all files relating to assignment1 inside of your git repo
Note Please be sure that YOUR NEW CHANGES ARE ON GITHUB!!!