INFO 253 - Front End Web Architecture

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This course is a survey of technologies that power the user interfaces of web applications on a variety of devices today, including desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. This course will delve into some of the core Front-End languages and frameworks (HTML/CSS/JS/React/Redux), as well as the underlying technologies enable web applications (HTTP, URI, JSON). The goal of this course is to provide an overview of the technical issues surrounding user interfaces powered by the web today, and to provide a solid and comprehensive perspective of the Web’s constantly evolving landscape.


The content for this class is inspired by the Web Architecture class taught by Jim Blomo (jblomo)


Assignments (50%), Group Project (50%)


Date Class Prep Lecture Slides Assignments/Project
Aug 28 N/A Introduction and Browsers None
Sep 4 Try HTML and CSS and Learn Git and Setup your assignment repo HTML and CSS Assignment 1: Build your first static website
Sep 11 Try JavaScript JavaScript I and II
Modern Javascript I and II
Assignment 2: Write JavaScript Functionality
Sep 18 Use Javascript for Interactivity HTML Forms and JavaScript and the DOM Assignment 3: Add interactivity to your site
Sep 23   Why JavaScript Frameworks and React Fundamentals I and II  
Oct 2   React Fundamentals III and IV  
Oct 9   API’s and React Forms  
Oct 16   Nuts and Bolts: URL’s and HTTP  
Oct 23   Nuts and Bolts: REST  
Oct 30   Front End Build Tools  
Nov 6   JWT Server tokens  
Nov 13   TBD  
Nov 20   TBD  
Nov 27   TBD  
Dec 4   Group Presentations